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Had a panic attack.

Earlier today I had to go home early from work due to a panic attack. I’m not going to lie, I felt defeated. It came out of nowhere, and I was upset that it even happened. This happens more often than I’d like to admit. I’ll think I’m doing good, with the therapy and meds, then BAM! Panic attack.

All I can do with this is to learn from it. Not sure why, but my anxiety has been a roller coaster lately. I’ve figured out that no matter the job I do, work really makes me anxious and kind of miserable. So I’ve decided to try and apply for disability again. Personally, I think it’s for the best. I can’t keep living like this. No matter what job I do, it causes severe anxiety. Which inevitably causes bad panic attacks.

So when this happened at work, I had to go up to the ER (I work at the hospital). They gave me some meds and soon after that, I went home. Luckily this means that I have something to take if/when it happens again. Which means, hopefully, I won’t have to go home next time.

All in all, I did not have a good night/morning. But knowing that I might be able to get disability makes me feel a bit better. I have an appointment at the SSI office next week. So wish me luck on that! I’m hoping it goes well.

I’m sorry for the depressing post, but I needed to write this all out. Writing helps me cope better.

Until next time, Namaste.


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