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Frustrated (Journal Entry)

The past couple days at work have seemed to push my buttons. I know it's sounds stupid, but I feel like the managers were screwing with me on purpose. I know I know, it's not true and I'm just being anxious. But at the same time, it's worked out for me. Because it has tested my anger. There have been points the last few days, that I didn't listen to my own advise and just got pissed off for stupid things. But the length of these little outbursts have shortened. It took me a while, but I did stop myself.

I talked myself down and took a couple deep breaths. And yes, it did help. So yes, I did go off the cliff a bit. But what would have lasted hours, if not all day, I dwindled down to about an hour. So in my mind, that is an improvement. As they say, two steps forward, one step back. I just have to learn not to listen to my paranoia and anxiety so much. Honestly, I feel as if I should know better....Maybe that's my thing.

Tell me what you think about the whole situation. Have you had such a moment happen? Where you notice even slightest improvements. Tell me everything!

Well until next time. Namaste.


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