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Breathing Exercises

I’ve mentioned this many times before: Breathing. So I thought I’d create a small post based on just that. So why do I keep talking about breathing exercises? Because there are several benefits to using them. Breath increases energy, improves the respiratory system, and calms your nervous system. It calms the mind and eases pain. Oxygen delivery improves and the blood pressure lowers. Have I got your attention yet?

Good. Here are a few other ways breathing exercises will help you out:

-Heightened focus

-Healthier body

-Toxins release

-Endorphins release

-Relieves stress and anxiety

-Elevates digestion

-Muscles relax

-Heart and Nervous systems balance

-Affects mental state

Now, I would like to continue by explaining some of these exercises. You can choose whichever ones you prefer to try out. So take some time to sit relax, and breath.

Let’s start with some easy ones:

Equal Breathing: As you are sitting(or laying) back, close your eyes. You want to take

nice long breath in, counting up to five. Now slowly breath out, counting to five once

again Breathing in: 1-2-3-4-5, and breathing out 1-2-3-4-5. You can do this as many times as you wish. Or just until you feel better.

Abdominal (or diaphragmatic) Breathing: Closing your eyes, put one hang on your

chest, and the other on your stomach. As you take a deep breath in, feel your stomach slowly rise, then feel it inflate into your chest. Then breath out, feeling your chest then stomach go back to its original state.

4-7-8 breath: This one I actually learned my therapist. It’s quite simple. Take an in breath for 4 counts, hold for 7, and slowly exhale for 8. It can be hard to hold the breath sometimes, so I personally say that that part can be optional.

Yoga (Nostril) Breathing: Do some deep breathing to start. After a few breaths, take a deep inhale, cover your right nostril with your right them as you exhale. Then do the same for left side. Left nostril, left thumb. Do that for as many breaths as you feel comfortable.

There a few other techniques that I’ve heard of:

-Muscle relaxing (tense and relax your muscles)

-Skull breathing (Long inhale-quick exhale)

-Guided Visualization

-Stimulating Breath. (inhale/exhale rapidly for 3 breaths. 5 max or till you can do one full minute)

These are a little more advanced and some can be considered meditations, if you’d like. The ones such as Skull breathing and Stimulating Breath, I personally haven’t tried yet. Which is why I haven’t put too much detail into them. But when I do try them, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Breathing exercises can be beneficial for pretty much everyone. And they are very good to soothe anxiety and depression. Which is why I felt the need to write about them. Though I will admit, I should use these more often myself.

Thank you for your time, yet again.

Until next time, Namaste.

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