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15 tips to combat writer's block

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

This happens to every author, everywhere. We all have that moment when we're just on buffer mode, staring at screen. Annoying yes, but there are ways to combat this issue head on.

1) Meditation. Not only does this help you relax. It helps de-clutter your mind, and bring you back into the present moment. Consider it a quick refresher for your brain.

2)Talk to yourself. No seriously, do it. Verbalizing what you are thinking about helps bring to the forefront, and helps you figure out what your next move is.

3) Shutdown the computer. I know I'm not the only one who, once they shut down the computer, ideas pop up. Whether its minutes, hours, or even days, this one really does help.

4)Take a walk. Go outside! Or walk the treadmill, walk in circles, pace. This will help you refresh your mind.

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5) Write at a different time. Switching up your writing time can bring up other ideas. It's also good for Brainstorming.

6) Write at a different place. Different scenes can bring you different ideas.

7) Do some research. Whether it pertains to your piece or not. I've used this one before, and it absolutely works.

8) "Stop writing for your readers." I've heard this many times over the years. Don't write for your audience. Write for yourself, your characters, and your story.

9) Freewriting! Write about something else. This can be quite unpredictable, but trust me, it does help.

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10) Journaling. You can also consider this a type of freewriting. Write down as much or as little as you want. I personally keep a journal and a Daily Log. I literally write everything I do down.

11) Use a different writing tool. Switch to a different computer, tablet, or go with good old fashion pen and paper.

12) Don't worry about making your first draft perfect. It's called a "first" draft for a reason.

13) Move around. Do some chores, walk/pace

14) Take a shower. Water is always very cleansing. This will help you get a refresher.

15) Read a book. See how others write while you enjoy a good book. I personally always get a writing buzz as I read. I just end up really wanting to write, and ideas just start to flow.

I hope that these tips will help you, as well as they've helped me. Try some of these, and go and write!!

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