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10 Things to do to Diffuse your Anger

We’ve already gone over what NOT to do. Now I have some ideas of what you can do in order to distract yourself from your anger. First thing I want to point out is the acronym


Are you:





This will help you figure out what you may actually be feeling.

The next quick tool I can teach you is the Rule of 5:

Is it gonna matter in 5 seconds? Maybe. 5 minutes? Possibly. 5 days? Doubtful. 5 weeks Probably not. 5 months? I don’t think so! 5 years? Nope, not even gonna cross your mind.

The next thing to ask yourself is: Are you REALLY angry? Or are you experiencing a lesser emotion altogether?

Are you frustrated? Sad? Depressed? Anxious? Are these the real emotions you are trying to diffuse? I urge you to think these things through before you really do become angry.

Next thing to ask? How about WHY? What’s really pushing your buttons? And is it really important enough to truly upset yourself with? If the answer is any type of “No”, it’s important for you to move on.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s really okay to get ‘hot under the collar’. However I believe it’s best not to make it into a habit.

NOW for the real reason you are here. Here are the “10 things to do to diffuse your anger”:

1)Admit you are angry or anxious. As we’ve discussed before, it is important for you to NOT hold things in. Saying it out-loud is the first step to letting go.

2)Breath! Deep breathing brings you back into the moment. It is a quick and effective way of cooling down. I suggest 3-10 (or more, if needed) deep breaths. Trust me, it works.

3)Understand your anger. Why are you angry? Learn to know your warning signs. If you understand this emotion, it will be easier to calm it.

4) Don’t lose it. Don’t put your anger out on display. Walk away from the situation and calm yourself.

5) Diffuse it with laughter. It’s true, laughter really is the best medicine. Hang out with friends, watch something funny. Laughing makes you happy. And you can’t be angry and happy at the same time.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

6) Go for a walk. Or go to the gym. Work off some of that pent up anger. And plus, taking a walk in nature always calms the mind.

7)Pinch yourself. Use rubber bands or a fidget toy to bring you back to yourself and diffuse your anger little by little. (I personally use my tongue ring as a fidget toy.)

8) Splash some cold water on your face. Wash the anger away quickly and simply.

9)Work on your hobbies. Make yourself happy by doing something you love, something you are passionate about.

10)Tell yourself to calm down. Tell yourself you are calm. Repeat to yourself that you are calm, and that will help make it so.

Here are a few others, in case none of these work for you:

Listen to music

Change your focus

Write it down

Get some fresh air

Have a centering object

Identify pressure points

Phone a friend

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones

I hope that this was helpful to you. Until next time, Namaste.

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