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10 Things NOT To Do When Angry

Whether it’s a spat with your significant other, or annoyance against a co-worker, being angry doesn’t solve much. In fact, simple things like driving or using social media can make your regret these situations. Here are a few tips on what NOT to do when you are angry.

1) Don’t go to bed angry

There is a reason the phrase “Never go to Bed Angry” was created. Because it’s true! You should never allow feelings to fester. Especially anger. The more you think about it, the madder you will become. Put the fact that you probably aren’t getting any sleep when you are feeling these feelings, then you are in for a rough ride. For both you, and your partner.

2) Don’t drive

When you are angry, that feeling doesn’t only cloud your judgement, it also gets you to the point of every tiny thing making you angrier and angrier. When driving angry, not only do you risk your emotions by becoming even more upset. In reality, the anger fog can possibly get you into an accident. So please be safe.

3)Don’t Vent

Most people tend to vent when they are angry. Granted you might feel better for a single moment, but in all honesty, that’s about it. In reality you actually end up becoming even angrier. Also, you have to think about if you are venting to a person. All of your feelings are now being mirrored by them. Be wise, and don’t vent.

4) Don’t eat or drink alcohol

I think it is actually pretty obvious why you shouldn’t drink when you’re mad. Alcohol lowers inhibitions. It’s also a depressant. To put a depressant on top of already being depressed, well let’s say it won’t end well for you.

When you are angry, that can lead to emotional eating. If you make this into a habit, that writes a pretty bad letter to yourself. You will probably end up eating too much on one of these emotional binges. If you prefer to eat during anger anyway, eat in mindfulness. That will help bring you into the moment, and keep you from overeating.

5) Don’t message the person you are angry at

This seems to me to be another pretty obvious one. If you’re already upset with a person, why would you want to make it worse by going to argue with them about it? Neither one of you are going to budge from your standpoint. It’s best to stay away from said person for a while. At least till you cool down.

6) Don’t gossip in anger

This one kind of goes with the venting. Gossiping about the subject not only keeps you angry, anyone listening is probably getting angry too. Whether they agree with you or not, bringing up in front of everyone is just plain mean. Instead, take a moment to sit down with yourself, and breathe mindfully. You will feel much better when you are done.

7) Don’t ignore blood pressure

Everyone knows by now that anger can inflate your blood pressure. But here are a couple things you may not know. Did you know that it is five times more likely for a person to have a heart attack when angry than any other emotion? And three times more likely to have a stroke. Let that sink in, and think about your blood pressure next time you get upset.

8) Don’t obsess or overthink

It might feel natural to overthink when angry. But the thing is, it is scientifically proven that when one obsesses about a situation, you’re just reliving that moment over and over. How exactly is that going to be helpful? The what-ifs or should-haves are doing you no good. It’s in the past now. So let it go.

9) Don’t hide it

It should already be known that holding things in is not healthy for you. Hiding your anger can be bad for your health. There are studies out there that show when you hold your anger in, you can actually develop heart problems. As well as leave harm unto your health in its entirety.

10) Don’t post to social media

Many people put their arguments up on social media. Especially Facebook. You have to remember that when you air your grievances online, you can’t take it back. You might argue “I’ll just delete it later”. But when it’s out there, it’s out there. And there’s no going back.

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